Abbey Mills Polychrome Cast Iron

Abbey Mills Polychrome cast iron work

As part of 150 years of the sewage network, Thames Water hosted an event at Abbey Mills in Stratford attended by HRH Prince Charles. I was asked to create full size sample boards to show the polychrome scheme that the ornate cast iron work was decorated with when Abbey Mills was built in 1965.

I worked with Helen Hughes (architectural paint researcher) looking at the many paint sections that had been taken and also spent a day on site colour mixing so that I could look at the selection of colours and techniques used to create the scheme.

The column capitals have leaves and flowers running around them which are painted with bronze paints, the railing sections above these on the walkways have flowers and leaves bursting out of the structural ironwork and the colours used reflect this.

Abbey Mills Polychrome capital sample

 The image above shows the sample board for the capital ironwork. On this the flowers and leaves are painted with bronze paints and only a few elements in the whole scheme were gilded. For the  sample board the actual measurements of the capital were taken  from a tower scaffolding so that the correct scale could be achieved in the painting.
  Abbey Mills colum base polychrome sample 

The image above shows the base of the column alongside the full size sample board to show the original colour scheme.

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