Evelyn Gibb's Annunciation Mural

St Martin's Church, Bilborough

Evelyn Gibbs Annunciation Mural

In 1946 Evelyn Gibbs painted the Annunciation mural at St Martin's Church in Bilborough, Nottingham. In the 1970's a lowered false ceiling was inserted, the window bricked up and the bottom half of the mural painted out. In 2014 the ceiling was removed, the window reglazed and the Evelyn Gibbs murals were cleaned and conserved. We then recreated the missing areas of Mary and Gabriel so that the mural could be read as a whole once more.

Evelyn Gibbs mural showing areas to be recreated

The image above shows the line of the false ceiling running across the murals and the lost lower areas of Mary and Gabriel. These are the areas that we recreated.
  Original image of the 1946 Evelyn Gibbs mural 

The image above shows an original photo taken of the mural when it was first painted. We used this to create full size cartoons of Mary and Gabriel before transferring the designs to the walls to be painted.

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