Huning Decorations is a company specialising in recreating and restoring historic painted decoration. We are experts in colour mixing and work with both traditional paints and modern materials. Our work has included projects for English Heritage and the National Trust as well as in many churches and private houses around the country.

The company is run by Saskia Huning, the daughter of the founders of the company, Wilm and Joy Huning. Wilm Huning’s father founded the company over 100 years ago and both Wilm Huning and his father were Master Decorators in the traditional German Guild system.

One of our strengths is recreating traditional paint effects using modern materials. Working with paint analysis reports, different materials and colours are trialled in our studio to formulate the correct ingredients and working methods.

We are happy to recreate existing schemes using traditional materials or finishes and we are able to hand-mix colours to match on a small or large scale. Our own creative works includes mural painting as well as work with stencils and colour schemes.

We use the following techniques in our work: graining, marbling, gilding, stencilling, murals, trompe l’oeil, glaze effects and decorative painting.

Saskia has been on the committee of the Traditional Paint Forum for the last ten years.