Traditional Paints & Methods

St Nicholas Priory, Exeter

Recreation of painted panelled scheme in the parlour, using traditional paints and methods

St Nicholas Priory, Exeter, recreated scheme in the parlour, painted using traditionally made oil paints

The parlour at St Nicolas Priory has been refurbished as a wealthy gentry house of 1602 with decorated panelling in its parlour. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum has two sections of panelling with original decoration from another 16th century town house nearby. The paint analysis from these was used as a basis for deciding which materials and pigments to use in redecorating the reinstalled panelling at the Priory. Paints were mixed using linseed oil and pigments and the original panels were used as a reference for colour and the style of the painted decoration.

Painted lions head on the fireplace. Egg tempera blue was used for the eyes