Murals And Trompe L'oeil

St Paul’s Church Deptford

Recreation of an early 18th century trompe l’oeil gilded scheme

Completed trompe l’oeil scheme in the apse of St Paul’s Church in Deptford

After a fire in the church of St Paul’s in Deptford revealed original trompe l’oeil gilded paintings in the apse we were asked to recreate the scheme in the style of the original painter.

The original conserved trompe l’oeil paintings were carefully covered so that the designs could be recreated on top without damaging the earlier painting. Reversible materials were used so that the originals could be revealed at any time in the future.

The columns and pilasters have painted trompe l’oeil fluting and all of the gilded areas are painted with trompe l’oeil mouldings and carved details.